What progress has been made in terms of social innovation at Armor?

Discover the benefits of ARMOR's social innovation initiatives

Status of action plan

Building on the action plans already deployed in France (Decαplan for AICP, Alternative Print Programme for AOP), CSR self-diagnosis for subsidiaries, initiated in 2011, and our ‘values process’ have allowed us to identify areas in need of improvement, translating these into a 2013-2016 action plan.

Check out our action plan

Few examples of indicators

The action plan is based on monitored and analysed  data that show a global view of ARMOR group’s performance in terms of social innovation, socially, environmentally as well as through its involvement within the community.

Regulatory carbon audit

ARMOR is subject to the obligation to produce a report of its greenhouse gas emissions (Article 75 of Law No. 2010-788 of 12 July 2010).

Check out our 2012 carbon audit report.

CSR reports

Find the details of our commitments to social innovation and how this means in everyday at ARMOR's life.

News in the field of social innovation

Discover the latest news in the field of social innovation.