• Press release
    Publié le 21/12/2017
    Nicolas Hulot endorses the ASCA© photovoltaic film
    As part of the Sustainable Development Expo 2017, currently taking place in Nairobi under the...
  • Press release
    Publié le 30/08/2017
    ARMOR introduces high tech and sustainable corporate...
    ARMOR has now made it possible for communications professionals to associate their clients' brands...
  • Press release
    Publié le 30/08/2017
    Armor takes part in the g7 environment
    On June 11th and 12th, 2017, the G7 Environment Ministers met in Bologna to conclude a week of...
  • Press release
    Publié le 10/01/2017
    1st application of ASCA : a sparkling Eiffel Tower...
    LITOGAMI and ARMOR present a preview of a souvenir card called 'Citigami'. Adorned with an Eiffel...
  • Press release
    Publié le 09/05/2016
    New industrial inks business : Press release in German
    ARMOR schafft eine neue Geschäftseinheit für hocheffiziente Tinten in industriellen Anwendungen
  • Press release
    Publié le 02/05/2016
    Armor creates a new industrial inks business
    Armor is initiating a revolution in the inks market