People development

Foster the development of our employees and their skills, to boost their wellness in the workplace, their employability and the Group’s success.
The inspiring Sustainable Development Goals
3.Good health and well-being
4.Quality education
8.Decent work and economic growth

Construire le dialogue social au quotidien

Balanced labor relations are vital to discuss socio-economic dilemmas and advance social responsibility in the Group. On the strength of this belief and in line with the code of ethics, ARMOR GROUP is striving to foster an enabling environment for this dialog. This will be supported by the representation of personnel on bodies suited to local contexts, to share the company strategy and data in the spirit of transparency, respect, and mutual trust. In France, forums have been set up in accordance with legislation, such as the Social and Economic Committee (CSE) for dialog between management and employee representatives. The latter are also attend each board meeting in a consultative capacity.

Privilégier l’emploi de qualité

ARMOR GROUP’s goal is to contribute to employment in all the countries where it operates. The Group wants to promote permanent jobs and restrict the use of fixed-term or temporary employment. To raise the bar even higher, ARMOR pledges to provide all its employees worldwide with a decent salary and to respect the fundamental conventions of the ILO and human rights.

Developing a safe working environment

Given the public health crisis, the ARMOR Group had to adapt to maintain safe working conditions with respect to Covid-19. As such, various safety measures were introduced, such as mandatory temperature checks for employees. The Group also benefited from a high degree of mutual support between the various sites, with intragroup supplies subject to needs and the public health situation in each country.

While the usual medical check-up measures could not be undertaken at all sites, employee health and safety remains a priority and is best illustrated by the introduction of protection and prevention measures to reach the ambitious target of zero accidents. The commitment is demonstrated, for example, by the provision and promotion of PPE (personal protective equipment), ergonomic improvements to workstations, protection against noise pollution, chemical hazards or exposure to heat or bad weather.

This is also why ARMOR GROUP is committed to maintaining OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001 certification (occupational health and safety) at all its production sites (see certification map).

ARMOR GROUP makes regular efforts to raise awareness and prevent accidents. The Group makes every effort to involve all its employees, at all levels, in the prevention and proper management of work-related risks. In France, there are individual coaching sessions on health, the Safety Hours program, and support to safety improvement groups.

In India and China close, daily communication seeks to boost machine safety and the systematic wearing of PPE. IN Singapore, the safety
committee carries out monthly audits to monitor and improve signage, working conditions, and the alert procedure.

Good practices
Occupational health and safety awareness

Each year in China, the month of June is dedicated to safety at work and each year, several awareness-raising or training activities are provided at ARMOR China’s two sites. The initiative focuses on two key objectives: Support operators to give more conscious consideration to HSE matters, inform and train them to adopt the right attitudes and make safety guidelines easier to understand and apply.
The American subsidiaries also organize an occupational health and safety week.

Promoting fulfilment and well-being at work

Global competition requires demanding work schedules that occasionally infringe on employees’ personal lives. As such, ARMOR supports initiatives for employees to find a better work-life balance. However, these concepts are difficult for individuals to grasp worldwide. Senior managers at sites are tasked with complying with the locally applied legislation, to be receptive to issues raised by employees and to encourage initiatives that seek to nurture social ties inside and outside the company.

Good practices
Meditation workshop

ARMOR-IIMAK subsidiary in India organized Yoga workshops for all its employees, for their mental and physical well-being. The workshops also helped manage anxiety related to the Covid-19 pandemic, while improving muscle strength and posture.

Identifying and enhancing internal skills

Skills management in the ARMOR Group reflects current and future requirements inherent to the Group strategy. It also involves the responsibility to enhance individual employability, treating people equally, and professional development. Training requirements are gathered, in particular, during individual appraisals.

ARMOR University was founded in France in 2011 to provide employees with the opportunity to have their professional experience officially recognized, while improving their skills. Training courses leading to a diploma are run by occupational specialists from ARMOR and validated by
an external jury (AFPA and DREETS). As such, the courses are recognized by the French government.

The innovative nature and participatory dimension of this approach make ARMOR University a substantive venture from a social standpoint. Since the university was established, its record has been hugely positive, with a 98% pass rate, 260 people receiving certificates, or over 83% of operator personnel by the end of 2020. Supporting employees in their training, assisting their career development, and involving them in the company’s plans is a priority for ARMOR GROUP.

Sharing experience and skills between ARMOR GROUP entities is common practice. This can take the form of joint training sessions and immersive visits. The principle applies to both support activities and production. As such, employees in the Group’s subsidiaries can take part in training
courses in France. This exchange helps them develop their technical skills while learning about new sales and marketing tools available to them.

Good practices
Brazil, Mexico, and India : A record-breaking year

In 2020, three subsidiaries 1,000 days without a workplace accident, in Brazil and Mexico, while India celebrated the millestone of 1,500 days. These figures are the fruit of efforts by teams to accustom all employees to health and safety issues.

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