ARMOR GROUP, a committed company

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Combining economic interests and a social purpose: a model for the company's future

For ARMOR GROUP social responsibility is the result of collective thinking and constant improvement. Through its initiatives, the Group wishes to activate sustainable drivers for growth. As a sound, reliable industrial partner, ARMOR GROUP pursues its development with one goal in mind: to play a proactive role in societal challenges in order to meet the transition challenge.

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Our Social Innovation Challenges

ARMOR GROUP has greatly developed in a century, staying true to its raison d’être: to manufacture key components for industry that are instrumental in meeting social challenges. As a sound, reliable industrial partner, the Group pursues its development in line with a specific course: to innovate to achieve transition.

To this end, ARMOR GROUP has defined 6 priority social innovation challenges, directly inspired by the United Nations Global Compact Sustainable Development Goals, to which the Group is a signatory.

Renewable energies

Reduce our energy consumption and contribute to the rollout of renewable energy solutions to combat climate change.

People development

Foster the development of our employees and their skills, to boost their wellness in the workplace, their employability and the Group’s success.

Governance & ethics

Adapting the organization to take decisions and act in line with the challenges of sustainable development, ethics, and respect for stakeholders’ interests.

Circular economy

Embed our products in an approach for the sustainable use of resources and reduced environmental impact over the entire product life cycle, from manufacturing to recycling.

Responsible traceability

Contribute to qualitative traceability, particularly by more environmentally-friendly secure identification solutions and responsible purchasing.

Regional solidarity

Develop community links at our sites worldwide, by supporting regional societal challenges.

Our responsible purchasing

The Group's commitment to Responsible Purchasing began over 10 years ago. The implementation of an improvement-making approach has helped rally all stakeholders and instill dynamics pursued to this day. As a signatory of the Responsible Supplier Relations Charter in 2011, ARMOR GROUP was one of the first 5 French ISCs honored for the quality of their purchasing management with their suppliers and was awarded the Responsible Purchases and Supplier Relationship Label in 2015 for all its activities.