Who we are

We believe in an ambitious industrial vision allowing us to provide tangible solutions to adress societal issues. Backed by its century-old know-how in formulation and coating, ARMOR GROUP is committed to innovating to meet the challenges of tomorrow, through five subsidiaries that share this common vision.

Our convictions

The future of our company is for the benefit of our customers and is in their hands.

No two customers are the same, yet they are the first to enhance ARMOR GROUP’s collective work with value. If they call on us, it means they need us, our know-how, our availability, our responsiveness. If they dismiss us, it means we do not meet their expectations. So, we do what it takes to ensure their trust in us grows on a daily basis so that we, in turn, can be happy and proud of their appreciation and their loyalty. To this end, we continually place the focus on quality and on work well done and we strive for perfection when manufacturing our products. And, we always keep in mind that, above and beyond their technical nature, our jobs are also key to reducing leadtimes between issues expressed by customers and solutions provided by ARMOR GROUP.

Innovating is a company’s lifeblood.

When a company is no longer able to challenge itself, to change the rules of the game, to explore new realms or to roll out novel techniques, it gets nipped in the bud. ARMOR GROUP’s growth involves collecting, overcoming and mastering the unremitting daily series of losing its balance slightly, feeling unsteady, which helps it improve, much like a human being learning to walk. Innovation generates positive richness for everyone when guided by the purpose it seeks to achieve, whatever its level and whatever the business challenge it takes on. As such, it is not an option. On the contrary, it is essential as it ensures the company’s long-term viability. We have chosen to work for the benefit of humanity and the environment, for the good of all. Our vision is a long term one coupled with ongoing innovation and we pursue this relentlessly, even in periods of crisis.

A business is first and foremost people who work for other people.

Everyone is interdependent, irrespective of their relationship with the company, whether they are a customer, employee, partner, shareholder, supplier or citizen of the same planet. Everyone is encouraged to initiate progress and change. This is why, here at ARMOR GROUP, we place the emphasis on managing through trust, looking out for each other, mutual respect, sharing, individual growth, complementary skills, hiring young people, accompanying persons with disabilities and eco-friendliness. A commitment that involves everyone, everywhere, which ARMOR GROUP builds on a daily basis and which makes us useful to the human community we belong to.

The wealth we produce together is more enriching than the sum of individual contributions.

This inspires us to constantly excel, to tell ourselves that “Nothing is impossible” and to strive for excellence and performance in our jobs. We believe that even the tiniest contribution is essential; everyone is encouraged to do their best and to use all their talent, their experience and their abilities in their areas of responsibility. We work hand-in-hand with our suppliers and service providers on this shared ambition for the benefit of our customers, placing the focus on competitiveness and on sustainable development.

ARMOR GROUP key figures


world leader in creating and manufacturing thermal transfer ribbons


for sales of remanufactured laser cartridges in France


of revenue in 2023


invested every year for protecting people and the environment


employees around the planet


industrial, logistics and sales sites

Our history

ARMOR GROUP celebrates its 100th anniversary

In 2022, ARMOR celebrates its 100th anniversary! An opportunity for the Nantes-based industrial ISC to revamp its identity with an up-to-the-minute logo and graphic charter and to take on the name of "ARMOR GROUP" along with a new baseline - "We manufacture vital components". These highly-symbolic changes illustrate the Group's far-reaching transformation, supported by multiple investments, and the ambition to prepare the next 100 years!

The sun never sets on ARMOR GROUP

ARMOR GROUP is well established in its regions and operates in some twenty countries over 4 continents where it boasts around forty sites, all predominately composed of local people.

Because Humanism is one of its strong values, ARMOR GROUP is attentive to employment and inequalities issues with regard to vulnerable populations in all its locations. In 2011, ARMOR GROUP signed the Diversity Charter in France, which encourages companies to guarantee the promotion and respect of diversity in their workforces. Since 2018, ARMOR GROUP has also been a member of the Board of Directors of the United Nations Global Compact, bringing together the work and the civil spheres around ten universally recognized principles to build more stable and inclusive societies.