ARMOR GROUP committed to Responsible Purchasing

The Group's commitment to Responsible Purchasing began over 10 years ago and its implementation of an improvement-making approach, initiated by the Purchasing and CSR Departments, has helped rally all stakeholders year after year and instill dynamics pursued to this day.

Acknowledged commitment

As a signatory of the Responsible Supplier Relations Charter in 2011, ARMOR GROUP was one of the first 5 French ISCs honored for the quality of their purchasing management with their suppliers and was awarded the Responsible Purchases and Supplier Relationship Label in 2015 for all its activities.

ECOVADIS Gold Medal in 2020
ARMOR GROUP's commitment to responsible purchasing is acknowledged worldwide.

Our Responsible Purchasing policy

In the light of the strategic issues associated with Purchasing, ARMOR GROUP has structured its Purchasing policy and commitments around 4 main principles.

Attentive to stakeholders
  • Long-term partnerships
  • Complying with contractual terms and conditions, in particular payment terms
  • Organizing an annual event dedicated to meeting suppliers
  • Easier contact with a mediator in the event of disagreement
Pursuing a tangible and shared responsible purchasing policy
  • Identifying economically-viable solutions in terms of overall cost
  • Questing innovation that ensures everyone grows and, at the same time, securing a technological edge over the most competitive rivals
  • Identifying major risks and CSR risks
Promoting CSR to our stakeholders
  • Developing constructive relationships with partners committed to CSR approaches
  • Sharing and exchanging on best practices
  • Complying with the Business Code of Conduct to ensure ethical ways of working
Working with local partners
  • Ensuring that a share of revenue is generated in France
  • Maintaining diversity in the supplier panel in particular by qualifying VSEs/SMEs
  • Fostering ongoing, sustainable relationships with PRM-friendly firms and rehabilitation centers

Our commitments on a daily basis

A Business Code of Conduct

This Code expresses our commitment to respecting Human Rights, the environment and implementing business relationships that ensure business ethics. It describes our purchasers and advisors' commitments and those we expect from our suppliers, to promote mutual commitment that focuses on shared values.

Long-term commitment with our partners

ARMOR GROUP (apart from ARMOR Print Solutions) proved its commitment by being awarded the Responsible Purchases and Supplier Relationship Label in November 2015, and is now one of the first 5 French ISCs (Intermediate-Size Companies) honored for the quality of their purchasing management with their suppliers.

Mediation service on hand

ARMOR GROUP is engaged in a sustainable approach through where it provides a Mediation service to its suppliers to help them in the event of disputes during our contractual relationships:

Balanced purchasing terms and conditions

As the basis of negotiation between our Purchasing team and our Suppliers, ARMOR GROUP's General Terms and Conditions of Purchase are designed to promote responsible, sustainable relationships.

In-company advisor awareness

Our Purchasing Correspondents (PCs) have been assigned the mission of being the Purchasing Department point of contact for all company departments. Our PC community is made aware of best practices on a regular basis to be able to train and accompany all advisors in our approach.

ARMOR GROUP and its suppliers, a 360° relationship

Annual assessment of all our strategic suppliers

Each of our strategic suppliers is assessed on an annual basis by our Purchasing Department and by in-company advisors. This assessment is shared during business reviews with the supplier and enables us to define areas for technical, quality and CSR improvement together.

Supplier Team Meeting

The Team Meeting, our annual event that our suppliers appreciate, is the opportunity for ARMOR GROUP to bring together a few dozen suppliers every year to enjoy a friendly moment discussing our mutual projects and to enable us to continue being attentive to their needs.

Satisfaction surveys

To foster quality relationships with our suppliers, we organize satisfaction surveys to identify their expectations and to work on our own areas for improvement to ensure our relationship is sustainable and harmonious.