KIMYA and INTAMSYS become partners

October 12, 2023

INTAMSYS approves Kimya ABS-ESD filaments.

KIMYA, an ARMOR GROUP company, and INTAMSYS announced having joined forces as partners. Terms of agreement: approval of the French manufacturer's Kimya ABS-ESD filaments for FUNMAT PRO 310 and FUNMAT PRO 410 printers.

Kimya ABS-ESD filament selected for INTAMSYS printers

INTAMSYS, a printer manufacturer, dedicated to additive manufacturing includes today KIMYA within its internal business-to-business partnership plan, the Customer Application Enabling Program (CAEP). In concrete terms, INTAMSYS has approved Kimya ABS-ESD filaments which has a clear objective and shared vision: to meet the practical needs of manufacturers by developing technical 3D materials and repeatable manufacturing processes. The Chinese manufacturer, which has a wide- ranging portfolio of customers in a variety of sectors - automotive, aerospace, rail, etc. - has been developing a cooperation program with key players in the additive manufacturing market, the Customer Application Enabling Program, since 2019. INTAMSYS' partnership with KIMYA opens doors to ESD applications, a partnership made possible by the cooperation of the two R&D teams. Initially, this will apply to the FUNMAT PRO 310 and FUNMAT PRO 410 printers, while awaiting the approval of the rest of the 3D printer range.

We are very proud of this latest approval, which is part of a long-term strategy for INTAMSYS. Through our Customer Application Enabling Program, we are looking for reliable partners. We only grant approval after carrying out a multitude of tests and internal checks on the properties claimed by the filament manufacturer. The tests carried out on the Kimya ABS-ESD were conclusive, confirming its excellent market reputation. Until now, we haven't had an ESD- type material to offer, so we’re delighted to be able to select Kimya ABS-ESD filaments for our printers, because for us, the idea is always to meet the needs expressed by our customers.” states Charlène Etienne, INTAMSYS Regional Sales and Marketing Manager.

Strengthening an ecosystem

This collaboration expands INTAMSYS' global offering. By integrating Kimya filament, the 3D printer manufacturer opens up new markets for ESD applications, offering protection against damage caused by electrostatic discharge.

At INTAMSYS, we have always strived to push the boundaries of innovation and provide our customers with the highest quality products and solutions. Our partnership with KIMYA reinforces our dedication to this mission. We extend the capabilities of various applications, adding more value to our customers with total 3D printing solutions. The KIMYA ABS-ESD material, which is also easy to print, could meet the high demands of our customers in the industries of semiconductor, manufacturing or even energy. By collaborating with a company known for its expertise and excellence in filament manufacturing, we are confident that we can continue to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.” states Charles Han, CEO and Co-founder of INTAMSYS.

KIMYA has been formulating and producing this technical filament since 2018: it is lightweight, rigid and easy to print. It is ideal for applications requiring protection against electrostatic discharge. Thanks to this partnership, KIMYA continues to develop its partnerships with leading manufacturers of 3D industrial printers.

We are delighted to announce this partnership, which is the result of an efficient collaboration. At KIMYA, we’re committed to spearheading industrial 3D printing. By promoting the use of our materials through a new printer manufacturer, we are contributing fully to the consolidation of this ecosystem.” states Benoît Stoeux, Managing Director of KIMYA.

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