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Reindustrialisation through ecology

September 28, 2023

To "reindustrialisation through ecology"* we say yes!

Since 2008, ARMOR GROUP has taken a new direction, placing social innovation at its heart. Aware at an early stage of the climatic and social challenges of our time, we have invested massively, with conviction and energy, in technologies focused in particular on new energy models - renewable energies, storage - and reuse, conscious of the limits of our planetary resources.
Sometimes we've succeeded, sometimes not. But we've always been there! It's true, though, that taking risks can be discouraging when the results aren't there. We might even ask the question: does commitment make sense if we risk failure? Yes, a thousand times yes. Because I'm firmly convinced that our quest must go deeper than our action. Anything we undertake will be limited. Changing the world means giving of ourselves, accepting that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.

So despite the obstacles, ARMOR GROUP is proud to be one of those small and medium-sized businesses that are working collectively to reindustrialise France, and more widely Europe, through ecology. Alongside us, four major battery plants are opening in France, which will ultimately create tens of thousands of jobs over the next few years. Alongside us, an entire re-use sector is being organised to meet the requirements of the Agec law and the European Green Deal. Alongside us are manufacturers of low-carbon solar cells and modules. Alongside us are new green hydrogen plants for industrial use. And so many others... Together, united, we are more than ready to take up the challenge of reindustrialisation through ecology!

  • Extract from an interview with French President Emmanuel Macron on 24 September 2023.

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Reindustrialisation through ecology
Since 2008, ARMOR GROUP has taken a new direction, placing social innovation at its heart.
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