ARMOR GROUP and EQUIUM join forces for the energy transition

February 21, 2024

ARMOR GROUP and EQUIUM join forces for the energy transition

EQUIUM and ARMOR GROUP become partners
EQUIUM, a Nantes-based deep-tech firm, which has developed a cutting-edge heat pump new generation, 100% made in France, that focuses on the use of acoustic waves, now welcomes ARMOR GROUP as a partner alongside other regional industrial players such as Martin Fornage, Enphase Founder, and Pierre Tremolières, Accenta Founder. These new partners reinforce the commitment of already-existing partners such as industrial supplier Ateq, the Family Office Entheos and PLP, the Pays de la Loire Region investment fund.
EQUIUM has brought together a pool of partners committed to reindustrializing the region and to forging high-impact industry, by drawing on their different industrial expertise.
At the same time, ARMOR GROUP becomes a member of the Board of Directors of EQUIUM**

"I'm extremely enthusiastic about the idea of ARMOR GROUP providing its full support to a promising company like EQUIUM, which is committed to the energy transition. We're basically in awe of EQUIUM management team's creative and entrepreneurial genius. We wish to be by their side to promote their groundbreaking high-tech invention. Our role is to offer advice and share best industrial practices, made possible thanks to our 100-year history." states Hubert de Boisredon, Président-Directeur général d’ARMOR.

Cédric François, EQUIUM Founder confirms this and says: « EQUIUM is a real entrepreneurial adventure that I'm delighted to be embarking on with a partner like ARMOR GROUP. For us, this represents a unique opportunity to work with a major industrial group renowned for its values, its expertise and the excellence of its processes. ARMOR GROUP's experience will be an undeniable asset as we enter a new phase in our project, enabling us to industrialize our system at optimal cost and ensure our product quality.".

EQUIUM is revolutionizing the heat pump market
EQUIUM, an energy transition player, has been developing an energy-efficiency and thermal-comfort solution since 2017 that focuses on the ability of acoustic waves to convey heat. This has led the teams to design and manufacture revolutionary heat pumps that are silent and reduce the CO2 emitted by 90% compared to gas boilers. This new generation of heat pumps, which combines ease of installation, the performance of a traditional heat pump and reduced maintenance, offers users eco-friendly, cost-effective thermal comfort and great ease of use. As such, by making the most of sound energy, EQUIUM produces heat and cold without refrigerant or flammable gases, makes use of recyclable materials and ensures the carbon footprint is reduced.
"Through our firm commitment to developing a French acoustic heat pump industry, we intend to play a role in reindustrializing France, creating local, high value-added jobs and meeting the CO2 emission reduction targets set by the IPCC for 2030; goals that we share with ARMOR GROUP" states Cédric François, EQUIUM Founder.

As 2024 dawned, EQUIUM kicked off an industrialization phase and is currently working on finalizing its product specifications with a view to obtaining all certifications required to place its products on the market, with a full-scale testing campaign scheduled for the end of the year. At the same time, the teams are finalizing the business model and defining distribution channels in anticipation of the marketing launch at the end of 2025.

ARMOR GROUP is changing
After acquiring a stake in solar panel manufacturer HoloSolis a few months ago and recently announcing the finalization of its ARMOR SMART FILMS business activity, ARMOR GROUP reaches a milestone in its transformation and development.
"I'm really proud of what we've accomplished with ARMOR GROUP's historic business activities, where each has now achieved great global success, particularly on the industrial coating and remanufacturing know-how stage. We will continue to support their development, yet we believe the time is ripe for ARMOR GROUP to move on in the energy transition and to open up to other forward-thinking industrial technologies that are useful to society, by working hand-in-hand with different partners. We will be able to provide them with our expertise and our industrial credibility to promote their development" states Hubert de Boisredon. "Today, ARMOR GROUP is establishing itself as a springboard for industrial energy. By initiating this open cooperation programme with HoloSolis and now with EQUIUM, the Group is illustrating just how far it intends to go in becoming a committed player in reindustrializing France and a spearhead in Europe for industry that has a positive social and environmental impact. We are determined to continue to forge partnerships of this kind with all those who share this conviction!" he concludes.**

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ARMOR GROUP and EQUIUM join forces for the energy transition
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