European innovation for transition

April 21, 2023

Convinced that social responsibility is the fruit of collective reflection, ARMOR GROUP is increasing the number of partnerships that enable it to activate sustainable growth levers. For example, the group supports THE ARCH, a European event to help accelerate the ecological transition in France and Europe.

Project recognised as being of general interest, THE ARCH is based on 3 pillars. The first consists of a call for solutions for the ecological transition, divided into 5 themes: Health & Food, Housing & Cities, Mobility, Energy and Industry & Digital. The objective is to identify, highlight and support the deployment of 100 innovative European initiatives. These 100 solutions include a solar sail concept developed by Héole and incorporating flexible organic photovoltaic modules from ASCA, an ARMOR GROUP company, thus making it possible to produce electricity on a boat without turning on the engine.

"Each solution or project selected must respect a tangible level of innovation, be led by a team with a company or a business project behind it, be ambitious with an impact on the ecological transition by providing solutions to global warming, and finally have a business model and ease of deployment in the not too distant future," comments Jean-François Balducchi, General Delegate of Atlanpole, whose technopole is behind THE ARCH project.

The second pillar of THE ARCH is an incredible Odyssey across Europe on board a Maxi Trimaran skippered by Francis Joyon. Until 31 May, the navigator will link the cities of Copenhagen, Concarneau, Málaga, Marseille, Ajaccio, Naples, Athens, Malta, Lisbon and Saint-Nazaire in order to embark one after the other the 100 winning solutions to accelerate the ecological transition.

"All the necessary transitions in our society can only be made by bringing people, ideas and dynamics together. Transition is necessarily collective, through sharing and exchange. The emotion generated by an event allows us to get into a dynamic of action. When we experience an emotion, we become aware of it and we start moving", says François Gabart, sailor and ambassador of THE ARCH.

Finally, the third and last pillar takes the form of meetings between leaders, employees, experts, solution providers, citizens and associations to understand, learn and commit to the challenge of ecological transformation.

Among the supporters of THE ARCH project are several key players in the Pays de la Loire region alongside ARMOR GROUP: CIC Ouest, Groupe Beneteau, SIGMA, IDÉA, Bakertilly, Lacroix, Cetih etc.

"As all of us here in ARMOR GROUP are highly aware of our responsibilities, we work focusing on a clear strategic approach that respects the environment and that ensures the company’s women and men play a pivotal role. At ARMOR GROUP, we are convinced of the essential role that innovation and teamwork play in meeting the challenge of the ecological transition. By highlighting the excellence of European innovation in the service of sustainable development, THE ARCH shares the same ambition as ARMOR GROUP: to be useful to society's challenges" concludes Annabelle Guillet, ARMOR GROUP's Director of Societal Innovation.

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