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New momentum: ARMOR Print Solutions becomes Altkin!

January 30, 2024

New momentum: ARMOR Print Solutions becomes Altkin!

Goodbye ARMOR Print Solutions, hello Altkin

At the end of January, ARMOR Print Solutions, an ARMOR GROUP company and the European leader in alternative printing, announces that it is changing its name to Altkin. This expresses the coherence and relevance of the company's offerings and services; it underlines the company's commitment to providing alternative solutions - fair solutions that provide freedom from technological and financial constraints, whilst providing a resolute response to environmental concerns. The ambition of Europe's leader in alternative printing is to extend its fairer, greener "fair printing" model to the entire printing sector.
With a turnover of €90m, more than 700 employees and 2 million cartridges reused each year, Altkin, boasts century-old industrial know-how and industrial and logistics centres in Morocco and Europe, coupled with a state-of-the-art R&D laboratory in Germany.

"The name 'Altkin' and its slogan 'Fair Printing' embody our collective mission to provide alternative pathways to impactful change. It is a sign of our commitment to provide alternative and fair solutions in the digital printing market, freeing our customers from technological and financial constraints, whilst resolutely addressing their environmental concerns," says Gerwald van der Gijp, Managing Director of Altkin.

"This change of name is a major event, the fruit of a strategic reflection on the circular economy. Altkin is now positioned as the leader in responsible printing in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Coupled with the recent acquisition of THS, this new brand will help to consolidate this activity as one of the pillars of ARMOR GROUP." says Hubert de Boisredon, Chairman and CEO of ARMOR GROUP.

To find out more about the name Altkin

ALT: Meaning 'alternative', like the 'alt' key on the keyboard, which allows the user to change functions and offers several combinations.
KIN: Family or clan. A close-knit group of people. It's also an anagram of 'ink', a nod to its history and profession. The name Altkin echoes its shared mission: to find different ways of creating impact, together.
The curve of the K also evokes a possible fork in the road, the choice of a different route.

A clearer offering based on 4 pillars

"Whilst our ambition is to confirm our leadership in the EMEA region as a real and fair alternative in a rapidly evolving market, we are clarifying our product and service offering by creating four pillars - Products, Care, Tech, Tailored - which represent our different activities and brands, making them easier to understand." says Gerwald van der Gijp.

Through its Products offering, Altkin offers, alternative printing consumables, with its OWA brand guarantee cartridges from re-used empties, and certified quality.

Secondly, Altkin is continuing to promote its Care offering, a suite of services and software solutions designed to free companies from the constraints associated with managing their printing fleets.

The third pillar, Tech, supported by the A2i (Altkin Industrial Inks Lab) brand, focuses on the creation and custom design of water-based inks. There are many applications, including DTF printing, sublimation, printing on porous surfaces (cardboard, paper towels, tissues, etc.) and printing on flexible packaging.

The final pillar, Tailored, covers white-label activities such as the production of alternative consumables, ink refilling and the collection of empty cartridges.

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